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We reach Sumy with your helps

Today, our Ukrainian volunteers managed to reach Sumy, one of the first cities occupied by the Russian army. They were able to distribute food and hygienic products to the population. Here is the testimony of how hard it is to live in a war zone for the civilian population.
A big thank you to the volunteers who, despite the situation, dare to face dangerous journeys to help citizens who are struggling.
Please continue to support us to help all the people in the same situation.


CHARITY CONCERT (03.04.2022)

Thank you so much, Luca Jegen, Mary Silvia Roli, and Mat Centro Artistico, for organizing such a fantastic event. It was exciting to share these emotions with you.
Thank you so much to all the artists and the audience; that was very generous.
We collected 1600 CHF for our association to help Ukraine.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support. 


Essential goods for Rivne and Kiev  (01.04.2022)

This week we prepared several supplies (clothes, food, and hygiene products).
On Friday night we gave these aids to Olga. Now they are on their way to Rivne and Kiev and will be distributed to the local population.

Delivery in Ukraine of our essential goods 

Delivery of our essential goods to Kiev, Hmelnitskiy and Nikolaev. Many thanks to Egor and his team.
for privacy and security reasons some parts of the photo are dimmed

Basel - Siret (RO) - Basel (24 - 26.03.2022)

We went to Siret for the second time and we delivered goods in Ukraine through our Ukrainan contact Egor like the last time.

Charity Concert

Sunday, 3 April 2022 at 4 p.m. at the Palazzo dei congressi di Muralto with the show "Una musica può fare".

The show will feature:

- the children's and young people's choirs from the Centro Artistico MAT of Lugano directed by Maria Silvia Roli;

- the Sound of Glory;

- the Storie di Scintille company directed by Katia Troise;

- the actress Barbara Buracchio (Frontaliers, speaker at Radio Ticino)

Many thanks to Tino Wetzel

for sharing all the initiatives of individuals and associations that help the Ukrainian people. 

Here, you will find our association and many other interesting initiatives.

You are all amazing.

Every little thing counts



Travel encounters

We met a Ukrainian family at a Swiss rest area on our way back from Siret.
We asked them if they needed anything and gave them our phone number.
They contacted us saying that they had finally arrived at a reception center and if we could help them by bringing them clothes. We are arranging for them to have all the clothes they need.
We then also asked the center if they need more clothes to help other people at their facility.

Basel - Siret (RO) - Basel (11 - 14.03.2022)

We went to Siret and we delivered food, medicinals and hygiene product in Ukraine through our Ukrainan contact Egor.
All the material was given to help war orphans and families with children who had fled Kiev.

First goods collection in Locarno - 05.03.2022

Thanks for your helps.
Today in Locarno was Amazing; thanks to all people for their donation and to all people for their help in organizing this event.

Collecting Point

Our Depot is full, we have no more place!

Stay tuned for the next collection Point

Every little thing counts

We have opened an account for the current crisis in Ukraine, and at the same time, we are collecting essential goods, medicines, and warm clothes.
Thank you very much for your help

Anastasiia and her husband Gabriele created this non-profit organisation to provide help to the Ukrainian population after the events of 24 February.


In the meantime, we are preparing a fundraising campaign and collecting basic necessities from all over Switzerland.

Let's help Ukraine together

Contact us

Contact us to deliver basic necessities, medicines and clothes:


On Thursday, February 24, Russia launched a large-scale military offensive against Ukraine. The Ukrainian people have witnessed how the conflict in 2014 is spreading across their country. We monitor the situation to help the Ukrainian population if the situation permits.
Tensions between Russia and Ukraine have been increasing for months, and the international community has mobilized. At dawn on February 24, Russia launched a large-scale offensive against Ukraine with its troops from the borders of Belarus and Crimea. Artillery attacks began hitting Ukrainian cities to the east and west as Russian tanks and air forces entered the country from the south and north. The intensity of the fighting increases and is already threatening the capital Kyiv.


With the war spreading across the country, thousands of people try to leave the cities. Shelters have been opened, including the Kyiv metro. So far, people inside the country are fleeing the fighting, but the death toll is expected to rise. This could lead civilians, especially families, to seek refuge abroad. EU states bordering Ukraine are already welcoming the first refugees. One of the largest humanitarian crises on the European continent is expected.
If the war in Ukraine continues and intensifies, this could have dramatic consequences for the population and lead to a serious humanitarian emergency. At present, it is still difficult to assess the exact extent of humanitarian needs. It is crucial to adapt to new developments constantly. We are already looking into the possibilities for relief measures.



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